Eytan Shouker

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Eytan Shouker (born 1963) is an artist, activist, lecturer, researcher and expert in art-based community development.


In addition to his own work, Shouker has initiated artwork and art projects related to society and culture in collaboration with diverse communities. In 1997 he initiated the Pen Pal Project, which involved photographing personal correspondence via postcards created from photographs taken by the participants themselves and mailed between 500 Palestinian and Israeli youths, which was presented as an exhibition in both Israel and abroad.  In 2008 he had a wide-ranging exhibit titled The Pyramid Game, which was the result of a decade of research, which dealt with the economic and sociological structure of the field of Israeli art. Shouker is a senior lecturer and faculty member at the Photography Department of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. In 2004 he initiated a multi-departmental course at Bezalel entitled Art and Activism in the Public Space.[i] In 2014 he won the Shosh Berlinski Prize from the Israel Council for Higher Education for an Outstanding Lecturer in the sphere of academia-community. From 2008 to 2012 he held the voluntary position of Chairman of the Professional Union of Artists in the Fine Arts in Israel. He researches the field of cultural policy and has published studies and reports on the subject in Israel and abroad.


Shouker was born in Tel Aviv to parents who emigrated from Iraq in the 1950s. At the age of seven he moved with his family to the Ramat Efal neighborhood in central Israel and when he was 14 his family moved to Beersheba. Married with three sons, today he lives in Tel Aviv.


2009-2012M.F.A. in Film at Tel Aviv University, Direction and Production Track (currently on a break from studies)
1997-98Graduate of Advertising & Public Relations Studies, Lahav Program, Tel Aviv University
1992School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem (as part of a student exchange)
1991School of Visual Arts SVA, New York (as part of a student exchange)
1992-1998B.F. A. from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, graduate of Photography Department
1983Studies in Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Tel Aviv University (left before the end of the first year)
1981-87Makif Gimmel Comprehensive 3 High School, Beersheba





2010-presentSenior lecturer, Photography Dept., Department of History and Theory, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
2012-2015Senior lecturer, Department of Social Work for M.A. Studies integrated with Art, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheba,[ii] "Community Development, Art, and Creative Activism"
2005-2009Faculty member, Photography Department, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
1996-2004External lecturer, Photography Department, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
2001-2004External lecturer, HaMidrasha Faculty of Arts, Beit Berl College
1992-2008Faculty member and lecturer, School of Photography at Musrara –The Naggar Multidisciplinary School of Art and Society
2003-2005Head of Photography Department at the Ascola-Meimad College of Art and Design, Tel Aviv
1995-1997External lecturer, Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv


Interdisciplinary Course, Art and Activism in the Public Space, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (2004-2018)

In 2004, Shouker initiated an interdisciplinary course, Art and Activism in the Public Space at Bezalel. For its first two years, at the height of the disengagement from the Gaza Strip, course participants were active in the nearby city of Sderot, [iii] and later the activity was transferred to Jerusalem.[iv] Over the years students created more than 40 projects in collaboration with residents and communities in West and East Jerusalem. In 2007 students worked with residents of the Katamonim/Gonnenim neighborhood in West Jerusalem and successfully altered the plan of the Jerusalem Municipality to pave a four-lane road inside the neighborhood, a park was created instead, to the benefit of the entire neighborhood. Students in the course also worked with residents and participated in community activism to create art in the public space, to advance the idea of the park. Activities included: The Green Stain, The Hedgehog Route, Bringing Down the Wall, and more. In 2013 the struggle achieved its objective and the Train Track Park was inaugurated, alongside the old railroad tracks, whose foundation stone had been laid by the students and residents in 2008. In 2015, following a request from the students to the lecturers in the course, the students established a planning group comprised of residents and municipal employees, and with municipal funding created the Reading Station (a book-swap library that is open 24/7) in the German Colony. One year later a Reading Station was established in the Katamon/Gonnenim neighborhood, and in 2018, following joint planning by the students and residents of the Beit Safafa Arab neighborhood, a third Reading Station was established there. Other projects which emerged from the course include: Gebata, Local Hero, The Public Housing Protest (2006 and 2011), Opinion Plaza, Issawiya Playground, Experimental Film Workshop at the Promise School in Shuafat, The Tools we Have Together at the Mevasseret Absorption Center, Egged Our Way, 100% Support with Creativity. With Art. With Culture, and more.


Business Experience

1997-presentInitiator, entrepreneur and partner in social and community art-based projects in Israel and abroad
2015-presentVideo director and cinematographer
2015-presentMember of the ABCD Team with the Sala-Manca Group and the non-profit, Footnote. The group conducts research at the request of local authorities and develops initiatives in collaboration with diverse communities with municipal funding
1992-2015Owner of photography studio for advertising, commercial and PR projects; worked with the Hadashot magazine; was house photographer for the Haifa Theater; worked with product designers and graphic designers; special supplements for the Maariv newspaper; worked with industrial companies and the Ace Hardware Company. From 2000-2007 Eldad Cidor was a professional and business partner.


Public Positions

2013-2016Head of Department of Research and Liaison with the Establishment in the Professional Union of Artists in the Fine Arts in Israel; representative for the Fine Arts to the non-profit Forum for Cultural Institutions
2008-2012Chairman of the Professional Union of Artists in the Fine Arts in Israel (a voluntary, public position) where he worked with members of the board to make information available to artists; to draft favorable contracts with galleries and museums; to increase budgets; and to lead the struggle against Bank Hapoalim and Rani Rahav to institutionalize the transfer of a percentage of the income from the sale of art for charitable purposes to the artists themselves; was one of the leaders of the Artist's Protest against the Ministry of Culture in 2011 with respect to the behavior of the museums and the dissolution of the Council of Museums; played an active role in the social protests of 2011 in this context


Awards, Prizes, Stipends and Research Grants

2017-2020Erasmus Plus scholarship for creation of a course at Bezalel entitled "Developing Modernized Curricula on Immigrants' and Refugees," as part of a consortium of seven international and four Israeli universities[v]
2015-2017Research grant (in cooperation with Nurit Asher, advocate and Roi Fabian, architect) for review and recommendation of criteria for and development of models to encourage the flourishing of independent creativity and creative activity in the public space; the grant was awarded by the Mifal Hapayis Council for Culture and Art; in 2017 the study was published in both hardcover and online versions
2014Shosh Berlinski Prize, awarded by the Israel Ministry of Higher Education to an outstanding academic lecturer in the sphere of academia-community
2014Invitation from the European Union Med Culture Technical Assistance Unit to write a report about cultural policy in Israel; the report was presented in the framework of a three-day conference for southern Mediterranean countries convened by Morocco;
2010Research grant from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design to study cultural and statutory aspects of the fine arts in Israel
2009Mifal Hapayis, scholarship for M.A. studies in film
2007Mifal Hapayis, production of The Pyramid Game exhibition
2007Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, production of The Pyramid Game exhibition
1997-1999People to People, Norway, initiation and production of the Pen Pal Project
1997Charles Bronfman Foundation, initiation and production of the Pen Pal Project
1997Arthur Goldreich Foundation, production of the Pen Pal Project catalog in three languages


Art Projects and Exhibitions

2018-20Directing, filming and editing of a series of short films about the loyalty to culture law passed by Culture Minister Miri Regev
2015-presentWork on a documentary that examines Miri Regev's tenure as Minister of Culture between 2015 and 2020
2014-presentCreation of the YouTube Pyramid Channel and development of a television-like format of items relating to the politics and sociology of art and culture; creation of the character Dr. Shpitz as a reporter for the channel; the format went live in 2014 and items broadcast include: a review of the Igal Ahouvi Art Collection at the University Art Gallery at Tel Aviv University, including questions about the process, a review of a protest by students from the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design about cancelling inter-departmental courses, Dr. Shpitz interviews Bibi Netanyahu, and more
2016Directing and filming of a video which went viral, along with members of the group Stopping the Stigma, who contend with mental illness, in the framework of the housing section of the Nathan Rehabilitation Community
2012-13Invited by Artport Art Center and residency Tel Aviv to develop a project in the public space which would integrate art and community adjacent to residency; following a field study, an approach was made to the Caring Club for youth at risk in the Shapira neighborhood in south Tel Aviv; during spring-summer of 2013 regular weekly meetings were held with youth from the club, who were exposed to community art-based projects in Israel and abroad; the youth participated in activities in the public space in the neighborhood during which they decided to build a bench-sculpture which would function as both a meeting place and a place to rest above the shelter where the club meets
2011Invited by the INGO Tag International Development to participate in a delegation of experts from Israel who traveled to Sri Lanka to work with a community in crisis following a tsunami and civil war which affected them physically, psychologically and spiritually; the delegation worked in conjunction with the local Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement, traveling to far-flung locations in the country with the organization and developing interventions based on art-based community projects accompanied by psychological reflection
2011Curated (with Shoshi Ciechanover) the NONstigma exhibition at the gallery at Beit Amiad in Jaffa; the exhibition presented the results of the Shaping a Future project which comprised 13 artists and an equal number of people living with schizophrenia; the project provided an opportunity for the people facing this challenge to voice their opinions about their lives and the shaping of their futures, using the language of contemporary art; participants were: artist Ilan Green with Netanel L., Rafram Hadad with Sarah P., Daniel Landau with Danny M., Noa Guez with Keren A., Noa Sadka with Vered K., Roy Mordechay with Eliran B., Hadas Kedar with Hana H., Yohai Avrahami with Iris S., Ayelet Hashachar Cohen with Nahum A., Meir Tati with Tzvia S., Liraz Fanak with Magal, Ronen Siman Tov with Revital G., Yaron Bareli with Alexandra V.; a catalog was also produced; the Enosh non-profit collaborated on the project, which was supported by Yansen
2010Participated in group exhibition, Ingathering of the Exiles 45
2010Directed the short film Dark Room
2010Participated in the video art exhibition, Darkroom, at the Fusion Arts Museum NY
2008Presented The Pyramid Game project and exhibition, the culmination of a decade of research, comprising photographs, video interviews, an installation, and a website; curatorial supervision by Michael Kasus Gedliovich and Dana Tagar; the exhibition included an information stand; it was situated on the top floor of the Artists House in Tel Aviv
2006Participated in Florentine in Yavne exhibition of Florentine artists, Art Workshop, Yavne; curator Roni Reuven
2006Participated in White Night event, Israeli Photography at the Beit Bialik complex
2005Participated in the Red Carpet exhibition, Artists Love Artists; Leora Kanterovitz Space, Tel Aviv
2004Participated in Nothing with New exhibition, Time for Art, curator Gidon Ofrat
2004Exhibited at the Jewish Museum of Australia including working with museum staff to set up a system for guiding visitors to the exhibition and organize a series of lectures
2004Initiated and was acting producer of the art happening Bathing Forbidden[vi] at Tel Aviv Port (as head of the Photography Department at the Ascola-Meimad College of Art and Design); the idea for the happening emerged from a studio course led by Eldad Cidor, and was triggered by a desire to raise awareness of the problems facing the Mediterranean Sea beaches in Israel by means of art that was accessible to diverse groups of people; in the context of the happening a series of giant-sized photographs, designed by photography students at Ascola-Meimad especially for the event, were exhibited; the works portray the fantasy of a love story that unfolds in a small apartment; the installation was set up facing the pier and was on display for several months; on the day of the happening there was a beach installation of photographs taken in a studio at the location itself
2004Exhibited at Uniting Arts Toorak in Melbourne, Australia
2004Exhibited at an exhibition of Israeli photography for sale at Elul; works in the catalog
2003Exhibited at ArtLink@Sotheby's exhibit and auction in Israel, Amsterdam and Moscow
2003Site Specific activist artwork Forbidden Streets, in the framework of Art Focus events;

Location and Timing: opening event of the Art Focus 4 exhibition at the Museum of Underground Prisoners in the Russian Compound in Jerusalem; participating artists switched the street signs on the streets leading to the exhibition with signs bearing alternative names, which were the names of human rights organizations in Israel; the work related to the censorship to which the Ministry of Defense subjected the artists participating in the exhibition, through the exhibition's curators; the work was in collaboration with Eldad Cidor and Noam Kuzar

2002Created the "Photo Booth" at the Seven Muses in Seven Booths art festival; seven artists from different genres were invited to present their work during the two-day festival which coincided with the festival of Sukkot, Shouker invited the public to enter his booth and change its external identity for a moment; they were invited to change their clothes, while every set of clothing represented the dress style of stereotypical groups in Israeli society; each participant was photographed after choosing a "caption" for his or her photograph in their chosen identity; the photographs were printed on the spot and hung around the edges of the booth or sukka so that it was decorated with the portraits of the participants wearing their borrowed clothes, bearing captions of their choice
1997-2002Initiated and produced the Pen Pal Project, a personal pen-pal project which was also photographed for a future exhibition; the pen pals were Israeli and Palestinian youth; 500 such youth received disposable cameras; each participant took photographs depicting his or her world to create a kind of self-portrait and portrait of their surroundings; the cameras were collected and the photographs were printed as postcards with each young photographer receiving a set of his/her photos as postcards; stamps were affixed to each one and the address of a pen pal was included; the pairs were chosen according to information gleaned from a questionnaire that each participant completed; thus each set of pen pals corresponded through words and pictures; Mohammed Judeh from the Palestinian Peace Movement was the partner for the project, which was funded by the Norwegian People to People organization; the project received wide media coverage in Israel and abroad; it was exhibited at the Jewish Museum in Berlin and in Melbourne, Australia and included a catalog in English, Hebrew and Arabic, and a catalog in English and German
2002Participated in the Play Boyz exhibition at Janco Dada Museum in Ein Hod; curator Yitzhak Gever
2002Exhibited the Pen Pal Project at the Jewish Museum Berlin; it included a catalog and a website; collaborated on creation of a program to guide groups of elementary and high school students who visited the exhibit
2001-2002Episode in the English documentary series Ordinary People filmed on the day of the opening of the Pen Pal Project exhibition at the Goethe Institute in Israel. The episode documented 24 hours in the lives of the pen pals Samar Hasboun from Bethlehem and Lyn Polyak from Moshav Sitria, and also Eytan Shouker, initiator of the project, on their way to the opening; this took place during the Second Intifada which meant that Samer encountered many difficulties crossing over into Israel, and the opening took place in an atmosphere of both tension and excitement; it was a joint production of the British Radical Production Company and Channel 8 in Israel; the series was broadcast around the world, including in Israel (on Channel 8); director Daniel J. Chalfen
2001Creation of photography concept for Status – the Magazine for Business and Management Thinking; production and photography for a section titled "Life after Work," which was a dialog between a poem edited by Ronny Someck and a photograph; the photographs continued in the same vein as those produced by the same team for The Wanderer Tel Aviv entertainment guide and dealt with personal situations related to Israeli culture and current events by means of a dialog with the text of the poem; joint project with the artist Eldad Cidor
2001The Pen Pal Project – in the context of the then-current political situation vis a vis Israelis and Palestinians; Goethe Institute; catalog
2000Exhibited at Cittadellarte, Italy; curator, Michelangelo Pistoletto
2000Exhibited at One Hundred Years of Photography, Israel Museum, Jerusalem; curator Nissan N. Perez
2000Photography for The Wanderer Tel Aviv entertainment guide of Ma'ariv newspaper; joint work with Eldad Cidor; developed the photographic concept of the cover photo for The Wanderer magazine for issues one to nine; produced and directed photographs dealing with aspects of Tel Aviv culture in the context of current events
1999The Pen Pal Project, the exhibition, The Jerusalem Artists House
1998Exhibited at the Status Quo Vadis exhibition, The Jerusalem Artists House; curators, Yael Katz Ben Shalom, Eyal Ben-Dov
1997Exhibited at the ARTshmokus Genitals as Artefacts exhibit at the Limbus Gallery in Tel Aviv; curator, Ofer Ze'evi
1997ORS artwork/unique advertisement for the ORS human resources company in the art magazine Studio; issues 79 to 83 of the Studio magazine; Shouker sends a message raising questions about the art world; the message is camouflaged in an advertisement for the ORS company, owned by art patron Doron Sabag; a postal work is created with the advertisement through which the artist opens a direct dialog with artists and curators about topics related to the sociology of art
1996Exhibited in the Presence exhibition at Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv
1996Exhibited in the Contemporary Israeli Photography, New Acquisitions exhibition, Israel Museum, Jerusalem; curator Nissan Peretz
1996Exhibited the work Money Buys A Vacation/Freedom at an outdoor exhibition sponsored by American Express on the occasion of the first anniversary of its credit card in Israel; ten artists were invited to provide artwork for billboards in the Tel Aviv area; curator, Ofer Ze'evi; project management and catalog, Ruti Kantor
1995Exhibited in the Blind Spot Test exhibition, Pyramid House, Haifa; curators, the Limbus Group
1995Exhibited at the Contact Point exhibition at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Photography Department Gallery; curator, Assaf Romano
1993Exhibited at the Anti-pathos – Black Humor, Irony and Cynicism in Contemporary Israeli Art; Israel Museum, Jerusalem; curator, Tami Katz-Freiman


Selected Lectures and Conferences

2019Lectured on Art, Activism and the Public Space, Changing Municipal and State Policies, at an international conference at The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, StreetWise, Urban Action as Open Source, Dr. Zivia Kaye and Prof. Shamay Assif, Hadarion - Urban Laboratory of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion
2019Lectured at a seminar entitled Community Activism in Israeli Academia, on the occasion of the publication of the book, Understanding Campus Community Partnership in Conflict Zones Engaging Students for Transformative Change, "Bringing Down the Wall – Art and Activism Along the Train Track Park," joint lecture with Dr. Diego Rotman relating to the chapters written by Rotman and Shouker, Hansen House, Jerusalem
2019Lectured Rothschild ambassadors about work in the field of art and activism
2019Lectured fourth year students at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art: Beyond the White Cube
2018Speaker on the panel, "The Artist is a Citizen," moderated by the Chairman Dr. Tal Feder at the academic conference Culture and Civil Action, Sapir Academic College
2018University Social Responsibility Summit 2018: "Universities’ Social Responsibility in Shaping a Future of Critical Hope," Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2018Invited as an expert to the one-on-one conversations at the eighth Cultural Leaders  conference, initiated by the Forum of Cultural Institutions
2017Lecture for M.Des students studying Design Management, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
2017The Train Track Park and the Activist Stance; lecture as part of a session headed by Dr. Yonah Weiss at the 14th annual conference of the Department of History and Theory at Bezalel; "The Creative Stance and the New Economy" (joint lecture with Dr. Diego  Rotman)
2017Lecture for M.Des students in the About Design program, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
2017Mirrors, Sights and Events, the bi-annual Israeli Association for Creative Arts Therapies (YAHAT) conference; opening lecture on day two, "The Elusive Border Between Community Art and Art Therapy with a Social Orientation," Prof. Efrat Huss, Prof. Haim Maor, Eytan Shouker; Conference chairman Dr. Miki Ofer Yarom
2015Lecture at Place Making conference, The Creative Space in Jerusalem; joint conference of the Urban Clinic, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and PPS and the Jerusalem Municipality
2012Member of the academic committee of the Art, Power and Money  conference at the Tel Aviv Museum; two-day joint conference of the Artists Union, the M.A. Art Program at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, and the Tel Aviv Museum; committee members: Dr. Raphaël Zagury-Orly, Yael Frank, Hadas Keidar (Chairperson), Eytan Shouker
2012Visiting artist lecture, Artport Art Center, Tel Aviv
2011Visiting artist lecture, for M.A. Studies at the HaMidrasha Faculty of Arts at Beit Berl College
2011Lecture at the Solo/Group symposium at the Art Department at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design; the aim of the symposium was to find its place in the space between individual creation and social and political responsibility, in the context of the civil awakening during the summer of 2011
2009Moderated the panel, Fine Art and Museums, at the conference of the Israel Lottery Council for Culture and Arts, Jerusalem Theater
2009Lecture at the Center for Contemporary Art (CCA), Tel Aviv, about the vision of the Professional Union of Fine Arts Artists in Israel
2008Lecture for the Arts Based Research Group, supervised by Dr. Ephrat Huss and the Israel Center for Qualitative Research headed by Dr. Michal Krumer-Nevo, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheba
2008Provided a lecture and a workshop at the Art Department, University of Haifa, during a class taught by Ruti Direktor
2007Lecture at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art at the Photography and Collecting conference, alongside collectors Léon Constantiner, Doron Sabag, and the artist Miki Kratsman; Shouker's lecture related to the sociology of the field and controversial topics within the museum itself; the lecture, which was filmed caused quite a commotion and was screened at the information booth at Shouker's exhibit The Pyramid Game
2007Lecture to the TheMarker Café at the Stern Gallery, Tel Aviv
2007Lecture, "The Politics of Art" at the symposium Right, Left and the Holy Ghost of the unit for History and Theory, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
2007Lecture at a symposium about art for social change as part of the events at the Musrara Mix Fest, panel comprised: Ami Steinitz, David Wakstein, Eytan Shouker
2007Lecture, "Photography's Power to Influence," at Tiltan College of Visual Design and Communication, Haifa
2006How Do You Flip a Pyramid? Issue # 2, Sala-Manca, about the relationship between the artists and the art establishment, and between the academic establishment and art, and about creating a climate for structural change via activism by the artists themselves
2005Issue # 1 Sala-Manca, review of individual projects which integrate art and social engagement while relating to the commonly-held concepts in the high-ranking art schools in Israel in the context of art and society
2004Series of lectures about Shouker's work in the context of art activism at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia
2001Initiated the Art and Business conference which was produced by Status magazine and the Business for Art non-profit; focused on the topics: business, art and social responsibility; the business firm and its support for/investment in the arts vs philanthropy, the establishment's position and tax policy; chaired by Yaron London; manager and producer Riki Drori; lecturers included: Shulamit Aloni, Yaakov Peri, David Tamir, Yair Gerbuz, Idit Amichai, Eytan Shouker; Keynote: Andrew Mcilroy, International Cultural Policy Advisor; conference took place in Israel
2000Lecture about Shouker's work at the international conference The Border – The Concept and The Spirit, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Cittadellarte non-profit art center, Italy



Israel Museum Collection

Tel Aviv Museum Collection

Regine Ganzi Collection

Shiri Haimovitz Collection

Art Link Collection, Moscow

[i] Over the years the course was taught in conjunction with additional lecturers: Eldad Cidor, Lea Mauas and Diego Rotman.

[ii] From 2012 to 2013 the course was taught in conjunction with Dr. Ephrat Huss, Dr. Roni Kaufman and Dr. Amos Avgar.

[iii] The course was taught in conjunction with the lecturer Eldad Cidor.

[iv] From 2007 to 2011 the course was taught by Lea Mauas, Eldad Cidor, Diego Rotman and Eytan Shouker. From 2012 the course was taught by Eytan Shouker and Diego Rotman.

[v] The proposal was submitted by Prof. Julia Mirsky from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheba.

[vi] The happening was held in collaboration with Radio Tel Aviv and the Zalul Environmental Association.