The Train Track (Hamesila) Park, Jerusalem

Years:              2007-2018

With:                Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, as part of the course:                                                       Art and Activism in the Public Space

Location:         Katamonim/Gonnenim and Beit Safafa Neighborhoods, Jerusalem

Lecturers:        Eldad Cidor, Lea Mauas, Diego Rotman, Eytan Shouker

One of the strongest and most rewarding outcomes of the course "Art and Activism in the Public Space," was the relationship that developed between the students and the residents of the Katamonim/Gonnenim neighborhood in Jerusalem. For more than a decade we worked together and created a series of projects which succeeded in convincing the Jerusalem Municipality to scrap its plans to pave the designated Highway 34 through the neighborhood. Instead, a walking and bicycle path was created as the Train Track Park.

The film documents, reviews, and describes the legendary course, "Art and Activism in the Public Space," at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. For a decade, Solly Elfaks follows art activism projects that are collaborations between art students and residents of the Gonnenim/Katamonim neighborhood in Jerusalem, in the struggle to save the Train Track Park.