Year: 2000-2001

Magazine: Maariv newspaper, The Wanderer Entertainment Guide to Tel Aviv

Magazine: Status the Magazine for Business and Management Thinking

In partnership with: Eldad Cidor, artist

In 2000, Eldad Cidor and I were invited to a meeting with editorial staff of the Maariv newspaper. Eldad worked with me first as my assistant, and later became my partner at the Shouker-Cidor Studio. At the meeting at Maariv we were told that the paper had decided to publish a weekly entertainment guide for the city of Tel Aviv and was looking for a new concept for its front page. It was customary at that time for the front page layout to consist of a large image of a celebrity with text alongside it, which provided information about the articles inside. Eldad and I suggested a novel idea: Every week we would produce a staged image, which at first glance would seem to be a snapshot, and which would relate to life in the city from our personal perspective.