Interviews – Art Scene

Years:      2008/2015

A series of interviews with 19 major players on the Israeli art scene: curators, collectors, artists, directors of funds that support the arts, principals of art schools, art theorists, and more

Through the interviews I tried to understand the economic, sociological and emotional mechanisms that are at the basis of the Israeli art scene. Ever since, I have been consistently drawn to examine the local art scene by means of various video platforms.

100% Support – For Creating. For Art. For Culture

The video, titled 100% Support – For Creating, For Art, For Culture, was shot in the fall of 2015, in the framework of the interdepartmental course, Art, Activism and the Public Space, at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Over a period of several months, we interviewed about 20 artists from various media about subjects related to the state’s support for art and the role of art as a social and cultural anchor.

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