Absolut Elections

Year:                2006

Where:             Musrara – The Naggar School of Art and Society, Jerusalem

Technique:       4x5 inch view camera, slide film, minimal image processing

Students:         Shay Aiush, Shachar Golan, Omri Barel, Noa Levi, Michael Koltchesky,                                  Mati Shchter, Itai Nadav, Hadas Margalit, Guy Yitzhaki, Gil Cohen,                                          Elad Barami, Dalit Geva, Dafi Sapunar, Bruna Tanangauzer


Since 1992, I have been teaching courses in staged photography. The staged photographs may be undertaken in the studio or at various locations, with controlled lighting and the staging of every detail. When teaching staged photography in the studio, if the conditions permit it, I suggest that the students work on a group project in which each one may express a personal statement regarding a common subject.