The Photo Booth

Year:                2002

Location:        Shoham (a town in Central Israel)

Art Festival during the Jewish festival of Sukkot, also known as the Festival of Booths


Created the photo booth at the art festival Seven Muses in Seven Booths. Seven artists were invited to hold an event of their own in a sukka (Hebrew for “booth”). During the two-day festival visitors were invited into the sukka to change their external identity for a moment, to choose among sets of clothing that represented the attire of personas whose garb makes them immediately identifiable as belonging to a stereotypical group within Israeli society. Every participant was photographed after choosing a caption for the identity that he or she chose. A short time later the photographs were printed and hung along the edges of the sukka, so that it was “dressed” in the portraits of the participants wearing their borrowed clothes and bearing their chosen captions.